About Us

Bambanani Sifunde = Coming Together To Learn

Afrika Tikkun Bambanani is the coming together of Afrika Tikkun and Bambanani Sifunde. The ATB programme has brought together a team of teachers, theorists, educators, investors and therapists to create the best ECD curriculum available in South Africa.

Education has the power to change the world. Adopt a school today.

Our Mission

No child should be left behind.

We aim to provide our nation’s children with access to quality education through the standardisation of the ECD curriculum across South Africa. This will equip our children with specialised education tools in collaboration with well-known theorists and educators.

In this ever-evolving digital world, digitising the content allows for vast availability and access to resources for teachers and principals across Afrika Tikkun and other ECD schools in South Africa.

Working Together Towards a Better Tomorrow

Our vision is to uplift the lives of our children and to improve the quality of ECD teaching in South Africa. Teachers are the backbone of the success of our future generations. We assist teachers with daily and weekly planning so that they have more quality time to spend with the children in the classroom.

Collaboration with specialist ECD practitioners and therapists is the result of the creation of one of the finest ECD curriculae available in South Africa.

Our Philosophy

No child is left behind

Our aim is to standardise ECD curriculum across South Africa to ensure equal opportunities for all children.

Assessment without limitation

Geographical location does not hinder the access to and quality of education for all our learners.

Inclusion teaching

We ensure that our educators are equipped in catering for all children’s learning needs. A variety of learning approaches are encouraged.

Giving a little can help a lot. Any donation will make a change.

Our Impact


To provide a solid foundation for education that is play based for the formative years of education. Improving the quality of teaching and teaching material.


To give our learners equal opportunities so that all children can start school on an equal footing.


Access to new age technology that facilitates innovative learning. Learning without geographical limitations.

National footprint

Our footprint expands across South Africa. This includes over 50 schools nationwide.


We empower our educators by making their working environment exciting. Eliminating unnecessary workload and allowing time for teacher creativity.